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Our Solar Power

Crownview Drive, in Miraleste Hills

Location is 33.75, -118.33. Azimuth = 155 deg, tilt = 26 deg.
24 Panels: Kyocera Solar, Inc.:KC175GT
Inverter: PV Powered LLC:PVP4800
DC Rating 4.2kW STC, 3.72kW PTC
The dashed line is geometric computation. Colors are the various years.
The graph shows a small loss of performance over the first 15 years.
2008 was a standout in October, but a slouch in February.
2022 was variously more, and less, than 2008.
Overall, year 2008 achieved 75% of the geom calculation; while 2022 achieved 71%.
The shape of the geom curve is due to solar elevation path over the year.
Variations at any given date (note, 30-day average) are due to atmospheric conditions.

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