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2018, September - Iceland

by Dolores and Alfred Cellier

    We made the short jump from LAX to DEN, using the slick new airport-to-downtown train. We stayed at the historic Brown Palace Hotel.

8/31 – 9/1
    A smooth bit of travel from DEN to KEF, Iceland. We got a glimpse of aurora borealis from the aircraft on the way.     Arrival in Reykjavik was *very* early (0630) Saturday morning. The FlyBus took us to the harbor area, where we found our ship, the motor-sailer Panorama. The crew was kind enough to feed us breakfast (and coffee!) but needed to clear the ship from the prior week's guests. Thus we launched zombie-like onto the streets of Reykjavik.
    Photos at 2018 Iceland Photos while we think about getting around to writing the narrative ...