Statistics of DYS19

The DYS19 (also known as DYS394) STR marker is one of the slower-changing markers. For example, research consensus estimates that the mutation rate of this marker is about 0.0022 (updated 2023); whereas, McGee's Y-Utility 111 offers the choice of 0.00145 (MacDonald) or 0.00399 (FTDNA derived) for DYS19. McGee's Y-DNA Mutation Rates for many common markers are posted at those latter two links.

Very few tested persons exhibit the low DYS19 marker value of 9 or less. Most people are in the range of 13 to 17. In the E1b1b1 haplogroup, 13 or 14 seems dominant. Some mid-Eastern individuals are 11. At least two persons, father and son, have recently tested at DYS19=10.

Several studies of allele distributions, including DYS19, exist on the web:

Not currently displayed in these pages are data only recently discovered online (July 2020, after repeated web searches).
A 1999 paper titled "Y-chromosome specific YCAII, DYS19 and YAP polymorphisms in human populations: a comparative study"
contains, on page 6, a chart – "Y-chromosome_specific_DYS19_polymorphisms_in_human_populations"
indicating that the authors apparently identified 16 Ethiopians having DYS19 = 8, along with 1 Greek and 1 Tunisian. has a graph of population distributions (updated as of 2023, data population of 9-STR locus haplotypes was about 343,932 in 2021). The active webpage offers several graphing parameter choices.

Resorting to the "WaybackMachine", we find an ethnic breakdown (from 2002 data, total population about 10,000):
As of June 2020, that source site contains DNA Basics for Genetic Genealogy.

Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation ( is no longer on the web) had the following information:
allele_frequencies had the difficult-to-find-again link "", showing the following, with no background information. The instance of 6 is rather dubious. This company apparently does not share data.

Data in the E-M35 project, (4172 members as of September 2018) all having E-M35 and subset haplotypes, is shown below. As of June 2022, just 9 of the 20 in the DYS19<=9 Project with DYS19<=9 are currently included in that E-M35 project.
A click on the figure will go to the current E-M35 database at

Published data for DYS19<=9 has been gathered here for ease of analysis.
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