Statistics of DYS19

The DYS19 (also known as DYS394) STR marker is one of the slower-changing markers. For example, research consensus estimates that the mutation rate of this marker is about 0.00231; whereas, McGee's Y-Utility 111 offers the choice of 0.00145 (MacDonald) or 0.00399 (FTDNA derived) for DYS19. McGee's Y-DNA Mutation Rates for many common markers are posted at those latter two links.

Very few tested persons exhibit the low DYS19 marker value of 9 or less. Most people are in the range of 13 to 17. In the E1b1b1 haplogroup, 13 or 14 seems dominant. Some mid-Eastern individuals are 11. At least two persons, father and son, have recently tested at DYS19=10.

Several studies of allele distributions, including DYS19, exist on the web:

Not currently counted in these pages are data only recently discovered online (July 2020, after repeated web searches).
A 1999 paper titled "Y-chromosome specific YCAII, DYS19 and YAP polymorphisms in human populations: a comparative study"
contains, on page 6, a chart – "Y-chromosome_specific_DYS19_polymorphisms_in_human_populations"
indicating that the authors apparently identified 16 Ethiopians having DYS19 = 8, along with 1 Greek and 1 Tunisian. graphs population distributions (apparently, in data population size of about 80,000).

Resorting to the "WaybackMachine", we find an ethnic breakdown (from 2002 data, total population about 10,000):
As of June 2020, that source site contains DNA Basics for Genetic Genealogy.

Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation ( is no longer on the web) had the following information:
allele_frequencies had the difficult-to-find-again link "", showing the following, with no background information. The instance of 6 is extremely dubious. This company apparently does not share data.

Recent (September 2018) data in the E-M35 project, with 4172 members all having E-M35 and subset SNPs, is shown here. Not all of our 31 known persons, not even all 17 of the DYS19<=9 Project, are currently included in the E-M35 project.
A click on the figure will go to the E-M35 database.

Published data for DYS19<=9 has been gathered here for ease of analysis. If any entity objects to this posting, please contact the author at the email address given at the foot of the page.