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La Neuveville celebrated its 700th year in 2012. For more information, see these links:
Official ceremony: Cérémonie officielle du 700ème #1
Official ceremony: Cérémonie officielle du 700ème #2
City website:
Musée d'histoire:

The compact city's central street is full of history ...
La Neuveville La Neuveville

Family crests are prominent in the beautiful council hall - Cellier, Ballif, Tschiffelle are visible:
Blasons in Council Hall of La Neuveville 1 Blasons in Council Hall of La Neuveville 2
The gentleman is Théo Moeckli-Pelet (1922-2013), with wife Mariette; he was the son of Maurice Moeckli-Cellier (1893-1941).

Blasons / armorials of most La Neuveville families can be seen at:

La Neuveville's families and history have been described in a number of published works.
Many are quite difficult to find; therefore, I have posted them here. Should anyone object, please contact me.

I apologize for some large file sizes - in some cases, it seems, the current aps for Apple's portable devices do not properly handle some pdf files as originally scanned, showing only blank pages for graphics (including scanned text).

Dr. Olivier Clottu compiled a book containing the history of many families:
"Les familles de la Neuveville, leur origine et leur destinée" (pdf, ~3 MB); this book was published in: Actes de la Société jurassienne d'émulation, Porrentruy, 1949, p. 83-101

In July 2010 we discovered, at BPUN, Clottu's unpublished family trees for many families of La Neuveville. See Families of La Neuveville on this website for details, and the list of family names contained in the "Tableaux". It appears that these detailed Tableaux were part of the research for the "Familles" book, along with his heraldry books, such as :
"Armorial de La Neuveville", Olivier Clottu, Neuchâtel, 1970 (pdf, ~5 MB)
We can read more about the life of this historic researcher/author, in these two web sources:
Le Dr Olivier Clottu a révélé toute la richesse de notre passé (pdf, ~2 MB).
Nécrologie Olivier CLOTTU tells of his life and works.

Here are several additional books on the history of La Neuveville, and its' people:

1. "Neuveville et ses habitants", J. Germiquet, Porrentruy, 1889 (pdf, ~20 MB); part 1, the first 52 pages, details families and individuals; while part 2 is oriented around places and event chronologies.

2. "Histoire de la Neuveville", Adolphe Gross and Ch.-L. Schneider, Geneve, 1914 (pdf, ~30 MB); this book is rich in historical accounts of the villagers.

3. "Trésors de mon pays (#10) - La Neuveville", Maurice Moeckli-Cellier, Neuchâtel, 1945 (pdf, ~13 MB); in which a photographic tour of the village was added to the informative original 1935 essay "La Neuveville, Simple histoire d'une petite ville" written by Maurice Moeckli-Cellier (1893-1941) in 1935. Here is a rough English translation: La Neuveville.

4. "Documents dans les Archives de La Neuveville.pdf" 1907 (pdf, ~5 MB); this book contains transcriptions of centuries-old proceedings.

5. "La Neuveville, histoire de ma cite.pdf", Florian Imer, 1969 [SOCIÉTÉ JURASSIENNE D'ÉMULATION] (pdf, ~10 MB)l Regional history, from ancient times to modern.

6. "Trésors de mon pays (#149) - La Neuveville", Roger Gossin, Neuchâtel, 1978 (pdf, ~7 MB); includes a photographic tour of the village.

7. A brief history summary by Théo Moeckli-Pelet, originally in the Courrier of La Neuveville (25 May 2001) relates to old Bonneville as a possible source of settlers for La Neuveville: Bonneville - 700ème anniversaire.pdf (pdf, ~45 kB ) English translation (pdf, ~130 kB)

8. "Histoire de la Blanche église", from old link at (pdf, ~125 kB); here is a rough English translation: History of the White Church (pdf, ~40 kB).

9. Legalities of marriage in the mid 1700s: "Loix consistoriales et matrimoniales de La Neuveville" (pdf, ~7 MB).

10. And, more legalities of marriage, in the early 1800s: "Conditions a remplir pour les mariages" (pdf, ~4 MB).

11. The life of a small village on the frontier of the Great Nation: "La Neuveville 1797-1815"; by Frédy Dubois (pub:

As part of the septcentenary celebrations, several books were published about the city, including:
(1) "Statistics Neuveville", par Jacob Georges Tschiffeli (1773-1843), maître-bourgeois; Société jurassienne d'Emulation, 2012.
(2) "De balades en regardes, La neuveville en 2012", Les auteurs: Dominique Baumann, historienne; Mary Laure Chevalley-Pellet, journaliste; Mariette Muller-Schertenleib, journaliste; Marjorie Spart, journaliste; Catherine Louis, illustratrice; 2012
(3) "Clins d'Œil sur le passé neuvevillois", with Supplement: "La Neuveville, Naissance d'une Cite, 1312-1318", Rud Baumann: Intervalles, revue culturelle du Jura bernois et de Bienne No 92/93, Printemps 2012; ISSN 1015-7611. [pdf] (pdf, ~260 kB);
Walking tours of La Neuveville at La Neuveville on foot (pdf, ~2.5 MB)
And, one should not miss this Witches Walk! ... English translation (pdf, ~330 kB)

Clockmakers of La Neuveville are described in the journal, "La Federation HORLOGÈRE SUISSE", in 7 articles that were published in 1938. These pdf files at bibliothèque numérique RERO DOC are each about 12-14 MB. The history generally begins at the bottom of page 2. The list of names here is only partial!
1938 Feb 16 I (Petitmaître, Chiffelle, Bosset, Himly)
1938 Mar 16 II (Chiffelle, Bosset)
1938 Mar 23 III (Himly)
1938 Mar 30 IV (politics)
1938 April 06 V (Ballif, Beljean, Cellier, Châtelain, Cosandier, Cunier)
1938 April 13 VI (Daulte, Gascard, Gelin, Gibollet, Imer, Landolt, Marolf, Mathey-Prévost. Pelot, Racle, Schneider, Tutsch)
1938 Apr 20 VII (Fin) (numerous)
Please note, there are articles about clock- and watch-makers of various other Swiss communities in this series, as well.

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